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Who We Are

At The Beer Bruvs, we have always loved beer.

Forever hunting out new, exciting craft breweries and searching out craft beer haunts when we were travelling, before sending pictures of the beers we’d found to each other from across the world.

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When Covid-19 put a halt to life as everyone knew it, we had both felt we had consumed almost every craft beer in the U.K and we noticed a gap in the UK market. 

No-one seemed to be bringing much US Craft beer across the pond. There wasn’t a huge variety in Britain to try. So with the thousands of breweries in North America, a number of conversations, late nights, sampling of beers (OBVIOUSLY), we decided to set up the Beer Bruvs to fill that niche.

Our aim is to bring a solid range of the best tasting and interesting craft beer the US has to offer to you, at home.

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