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Gun Hill Brewing Company

New York

Its with great pride that Gun Hill Brewing co. are the ones to bring beer making back to the Bronx for the first time since the 1960s, and contribute to the long tradition of brewing in New York State.

Today, Gun Hill get to declare themselves as part of a new revolution in New York brewing. One that is not happy with the status quo. One that demands more from what they create and consume. And ultimately, one that like it has throughout history, brings pride to New York. With creative brewers working their craft, hop growing returning to the state, and a rich history to draw from; New York is once again staking a claim to its place in the brewing industry.

Gun Hill Brewing co. are doing their part by bringing you fresh, unfiltered, handcrafted brews. They use only the best, fresh, local ingredients to create their brews that are not only unique, but have a quality equal to their passion for making it.

We are a local New York brewery, and we are proud of our roots, and our New York brewing brethren.

Beers from Gun Hill Brewing Company
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